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January 2015

The Signs of Human Trafficking

What can you do?

Since Human Trafficking is often a crime that is hidden in plain sight, it is important to be aware of its warning signs. Some indications that a person may be a victim of Human Trafficking include:

Poor Mental Health or Abnormal Behavior

Is fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, or nervous/paranoid

Avoids eye contact or social interaction

Adheres to scripted or rehearsed responses during social interaction

Poor Physical Health

Appears malnourished

Shows signs of physical and/or sexual abuse, physical restraint, confinement, or torture

Branding Tattoos on the neck, inside the mouth and/or lower back

Lack of Control

Appears destitute or lacks personal possessions

Is not in control of his/her own money or own identification documents (ID or passport)

Is not allowed or able to speak for themselves (a third party may insist on being present and/or translating)

To give or get help, text INFO or HELP to “BeFree” (233733)  or call 1-888-373-7888

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